Love's Labyrinthine by Debbie Zello

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"Love Interrupted" narrates how Brandon and Michelle meet and fall in love in high school, beginning a love story that continues through college. Upon graduation, however, they are separated by their goals and dreams for their future. Will they find their way back to each other?

The narrative "Love Sustained" tells how Tracy Scott passes the California Bar, but then finds herself unhappy practicing family law. Finding her place as a prosecutor, she feels at home-that is, until she meets her apartment building's sexy bad-boy, Josh Webb. Josh has an interesting job, and Tracy is fascinated by him.

Deak Bridgewater introduces himself with his death in "Love Never Dies." He narrates the details of his life and love with Danielle Hoffman. His life as a marine, a Chicago firefighter, and motorcycle rider plays out as his lessons are learned.

In "A Soul's Journey to Love," Tiffany Morris discovers through regression therapy that she has lived several past lives. Wade Grimes takes her through those lives in an attempt to change the outcome of the present-but how deeply connected are they?

The narrative "Love Songs Sung" tells of Jade Levy's job as personal assistant to Trey Grant, singer, song writer. Trey's habits change Jade's life and she finds love in an extraordinary way.

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304 Pages - Romantic Anthology

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