Love Your Lies, #3 by RS Medina

Autographed by RS Medina!

Liberty Livingston is a pathological liar who uses her lies to connect with people. Through those lies, she meets a veteran online who is coping with PTSD. After falling in love with the virtual stranger, he disappears on her and goes offline—permanently. She soon discovers his untimely death, which ignites in her an intense urge to uncover what happened to him. Finn Christian’s sister—Chazz—is trying to piece together her life after her brother’s horrific murder/suicide. Both women are grieving the loss of Finn Christian, in different ways, in different states. That is, until Liberty’s search leads her to Texas, to her online soulmate’s sister—something she likes to think of as fate. But when love and lies intertwine, what will prevail? How many lies can someone tell themselves until they have no choice but to face the truth?

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218 Pages - Romantic Suspense

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