Love & Truth by Kathryn Perez

Autographed by Kathryn!

Eighteen year old Nicole Harrison spent her high school years devoted to academics and dance leaving little time for a life, let alone a boyfriend. After years of dreaming, she boldly leaves her world behind in order to expand her dancing abilities and horizon in Okinawa, Japan.

After a bad break-up that left him reeling, American born Jonathan Hayes has immersed himself in a playboy lifestyle in his mother's home country of Japan. That is, until the night he sees the beautiful and innocent Nicole on the balcony of his neighbor's home. One chance moment and one unexpected girl causes Jonathan to question his bad boy ways once and for all.

As Nicole learns to navigate an unfamiliar country, can she also learn to navigate a complex relationship? And will Jonathan's past continue to catch up with him, or will he be able to show Nicole the truth of loyal love?

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290 Pages - YA Romance / Coming of Age

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