Love Me More, #1 by RS Medina

Autographed by RS Medina!

Blair always heard that you should marry someone that loves you more than you love them. That it was the secret to happiness. She didn't follow that advice. Now, she finds herself married to the love of her life, only the love has faded into a memory, just like her husband's promising military career. Finn—Blair's husband—is an ex-Marine suffering from PTSD and depression. The horrors he faced in Afghanistan haunt him daily as he struggles to maintain a façade of normalcy with not only his family, but himself. After Blair runs into her high school sweetheart—Tristan—the reignited spark threatens to burn down her already crumbling marriage. When it comes to her love, Blair knows she has to decide between Finn and Tristan. What she doesn't yet know, however, is that decision will soon no longer be hers to make.

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288 Pages - Military Romance

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