Love in Smoke by Holly Hall

Autographed by Holly!

After her former life goes up in flames, Raven Sutter needs a new start. After all, there's nothing left for her in Nashville but the shadow of her musician ex-husband's reputation and her traitorous friends who have declared their alliance with him. So Raven packs up and sets out for a rural town in northern Tennessee, where no one knows her name and no one knows her past. The small town of Heronwood, however, refuses to let anyone enter unnoticed. When Raven catches the attention of Dane Cross, the center of nearly every rumor and small-town suspicion, she finds herself unwittingly enraptured by the one man she, and apparently the whole town, knows it's better to stay away from. It's only a matter of time before she learns that a charming facade can conceal the most twisted of pasts. There's much more to Dane Cross than meets the eye, and Raven soon discovers that playing with Dane is not just a game of love and heartbreak. It's life and death.

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317 Pages

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