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Look Away by Jo Holatte

Autographed by Jo!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

I was pinned to a bed by my arms and my legs by something I could not see. It left me scratched, bruised and petrified. I played with an Ouija board and learned the hard way it is not a game without consequences. I have had something vile and ungodly pass through my body causing me to claw at my skin to rid myself of its defiling touch. I have watched a demon reveal itself within a minister of my church as it struggled to escape the holy presence of God.
My skin and body have suffered things that are forever branded into the memory of my flesh.

What would you do if you found yourself trapped inside of a nightmare while you were wide awake?

Could you look away?

From the Author
DISCLAIMER/WARNINGS; This book isn't for everybody. It contains some extremely high anxiety scenes that put the reader right there with me during several terrifying moments of my life. You are not only reading about these moments in my life but you are also experiencing them with me. It has been highly advised to read Look Away during the daylight hours and not if you are home alone. Also, it is impossible to speak about the darkness in this world without also speaking about the Light. There are very strong elements of my faith in parts of my memoir. If you are sensitive to being exposed to a Spirit Filled Christian's experiences and heart while telling of what happened during a church service and beyond, then this may not be a book you wish to read. It is not my intention to push my Christian faith upon anyone reading my life stories but to give the reader a better perspective being that they may be an outsider looking in.

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180 Pages - YA Paranormal

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