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Letting Lox In, #1 by SM Donaldson

Autographed by SM Donaldson!

Sloan Foster was always a good girl An honor student in high school she had big plans for herself and then college happened She thought she d met the man of her dreams in hometown football star Lucas Smith Then she had the earth shattering realization that dreams were just that dreams She found herself pregnant right about the time he got drafted for the NFL and dropped her like a bad habit Now a struggling 25 year old single mom she works as a massage therapist and is determined to take care of her son Sage on her own without a dime from him No matter how many times he tries to pay her to ensure her silence Loxley Storm was raised by his mom his dad was a dead beat he never knew Growing up he had anger issues and got into a lot of trouble for fighting Thankfully a man named Marco took him under his wing and helped him learn to control his anger by fighting in the ring Now 26 he is an MMA fighter working to become pro helping run Marco s gym along with his best friends Sly and Huck To the trio getting tied down with women is something they don t need To blow off steam they have the hit it and quit it motto Until an injury in a fight lands Lox on Sloan s massage table where sparks fly and neither can deny the attraction The more pieces of Sloan Lox finds out the more he respects her and her accomplishments as a single mom Sloan is hesitant to trust another man and she sure doesn t want to risk her son getting hurt but how long can she keep Lox at arm s length Will she let Lox in Or will she let her past ruin her chances of finding love again.

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278 Pages - Sports Romance

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