Letting Go by Kimberly Wenzler

Autographed by Kimberly!

The Buchanans are living an idyllic life on Long Island. Max is a successful author, Lucy is his supportive stay-at-home wife, and their only child, Sammy, is the center of their world.
On February 1, 2007 their lives change forever.
A year later, Max is hiding behind writer's block shuffling through daily life with minimal effort while eight-year-old Sammy devises his own process of dealing with his upturned world. His secret conversations with his mother give him the strength to adjust to his new life and new family dynamic.
When trouble at school brings Max and Sammy teacher together, Max is torn between awakened feelings of need and desire and the love he still harbors for his wife. Sammy forms a closer bond with Benjamin, the troubled teen across the street, who suffers from the pain of his past and plays a dangerous, illegal game. And Lucy, watching as her family unravels, is helpless. Or is she?

* * *

In Wenzler second novel, Letting Go tells the heartwarming story about a mother who refuses to leave her child, and as she watches her husband begin a new life, must figure out how to hold on and when to let go.


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