Let Loose For Me, #2 by Georgia Coffman

Autographed by Georgia!

It's hard to find Prince Charming, especially in Vegas where fairy tales are ruined with tequila shots and bad choices...


I'm no one's happily ever after. I'm the guy with various one-night stands on his bucket list. My job makes it easy to give each fantasy a check mark. It's why Emma hates me, but I know the truth—she secretly wants me. All the good girls do. I'd like nothing more than to loosen her tight ponytail and dirty her tidy apartment. But she wants forever, and no matter how addicted to her I become, I'm broken beyond repair. Emma deserves more than only half of me.


After a not-so-amicable breakup, I long for a nice guy who understands my desire for order and cleanliness in every facet of my life. I tell myself I will not let Ty disrupt it all with his sexy moves on and off stage. That I despise his flirty smirks and tattoos. But when they start making me blush, I question everything—even my own sanity. Because I must be crazy to give in to Ty, right? As a Vegas stripper, he oozes sensuality, not marriage vows, and I know I should stay far away. But one night in Sin City, hatred turns into lust. When the sun rises, the question remains… is there enough magic in Vegas to turn lust into long-lasting love?

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413 Pages - New Adult Romance


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