Let It Be, #6 by Marie Force

Autographed by Marie!

The heart wants what the heart wants...

Fresh out of college with a psychology degree, Molly Stillman is searching for the meaning of life by taking a summer volunteer gig in Mississippi. The meaning in Molly’s life becomes apparent when her path crosses Lincoln Abbott’s.

With his brand-new Yale MBA in hand, Linc is in Mississippi to build houses after a devastating hurricane. He had a plan, lots of them, actually. But after meeting Molly, he realizes plans have a way of showing you who’s boss. One look from the intelligent beauty working by his side on the house project, and Linc knows everything had changed. His long-time goal of studying at Oxford before joining his family’s real estate business was abandoned in favor of helping to grow Molly’s charming family business in Vermont.

When his father forces an unimaginable choice, Linc chooses Molly, he chooses Vermont and the Green Mountain Country Store, and he never looks back.

A Christmas-week phone call from the past forces him to confront the choices he made decades ago and the consequences of saying goodbye, including telling his ten grown children why they’ve never met his family—a subject that’s always been off-limits until now. When Linc decides to go to Philadelphia to clear his conscience and see his father one last time, his wife and children insist on going along. As they wander down memory lane, Linc and Molly revisit the unforgettable summer that changed both their lives and look back on forty years of happily ever after.

252 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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