Legal by Bree Dahlia

Autographed by Bree!

Taboo. Wrong. Off limits.
I know the drill. I know the rules.
But damn, if he doesn't get under my skin.
And into my bed.

There no reason for a woman like me,
Successful, established, independent,
To ever be sleeping with a younger man.
A younger man with a hard, rugged, sculptured body.
A body that can go all night.
All night.

I can't resist, can't turn him down.
Can't walk away.
Because I've never known pleasure like this.
Chase Nolan walked into my life and disrupted my perfect little world.
And made it so much better.

Enjoy it while you can, Jillian.
Because there no way there a future for us.
After all, is he barely even legal?

** Legal is a full-length standalone romantic comedy

Photo taken by the lovely:@breedahliaauthor

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