Left Behind, #1 by CL Stacey

Autographed by CL Stacey!

Lexi Moore, twenty-two year old with an identity crisis. I keep my chin up, smile on at all times because it is easier than answering to everyone around me. It helps let the world believe I'm fine.
Since that fateful night, I have lived my life alone. I prefer it this way. Until now. Until Jackson.

He hides so much behind that mask of his, but I see what the rest of the world doesn't. I see a man just as lost and miserable as I am.

Jackson Anderson, twenty-eight year old CEO of Anderson Enterprises. I was born into a life of privilege, full of responsibilities and expectations. That isn't what I asked for. That isn't what I wanted. It is my obligation, my birthright. And now it is ruining my life.

I'd become the man everyone expected me to be instead of the man I wanted to be, and it ended up costing me everything. I'd lost my way. Until Lexi.

Now I'm falling for a woman who has no idea who I am, but this is the way it needs to be.
We all have our secrets, but mine could rip us apart. I can't take that chance.
I have to lie to protect her from the truth.

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