Learning To Love, #4 by Crystal Perkins

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A good girl who’s trying not to be bad…
Olivia has never been able to please her parents, no matter how hard she tries. Getting a good job, along with her own apartment, has given her some confidence, but their approval is still important to her. She needs help to keep up her perfect image, and unfortunately, Luke Griffin’s her only option. Sure he’s hot and every girl on campus wants him, but he also terrorized her almost a year ago. She can’t forget that.

A bad boy who’s really good…
Living in his brothers’ shadows has never been easy for Luke. He’s made some bad choices in order to distance himself from the constant comparisons to them. Like sleeping his way through college, and hanging out with the wrong guys. He gave that all up almost a year ago, choosing to focus on school and the hockey league he plays in. When he’s asked to tutor Olivia, he jumps at the chance to show her that he’s not the guy she—and everyone else—thinks he is.

A love so good, it can’t be bad…
Nights of tutoring and hockey games soon lead to romance. As Olivia learns to trust in Luke, her love makes him realize that just being himself is enough. But when her parents’ dislike of Luke threatens to destroy her family, she begs him to keep their relationship a secret. When that secret’s revealed, will Olivia make the right choice or will Luke be left behind once again?

Can you learn to love yourself enough to trust someone else?

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280 Pages - New Adult Romance

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