Kiss Of The Winter Moon, #1 by Amanda LeMay

Autographed by Amanda!

I had a plan: Get out of San Francisco. Go home to Albuquerque. Start my new job.  Two years under the stifling San Francisco pack rules made the wolf inside of me long to break free. Run wild. Feel the red clay of New Mexico beneath my paws. But, on my way home, I made a side trip to Comfort, Texas, where all of my best-laid plans took a sudden unexpected turn. I hadn't planned for Dain Louvel. Okay, so maybe I'd secretly hoped to see him, again, but I didn't expect to be blindsided by the rush of feelings I had buried almost two years ago. I'd moved on. Well, sort of.The problem is, I hadn't planned on the sakana bond, that rare and precious bond few wolves ever experienced, to connect our minds, our bodies, and our souls. But it happened. And all my plans, well...I also hadn't planned on fighting for my life. But, yeah, stuff happens in Comfort, Texas. I really should've planned better.

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