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Kip and the Grinders, #2 by Zachary Chopchinski

Autographed by Zachary!

A secret. A threat. Will one choice spark a war between the only people Ypsilon calls family? Ypsilon is your typical bad bitch anti-hero. All she cares about is living life fast and dangerous. But when a group of strangers shatters her world, she finds out things aren't quite what they seem. Then a boy falls from the sky.

Now Ypsilon has to choose between her comfortable life and what she knows to be right. And man does that piss her off. Will the strangers remind her of who she is, or will they destroy the only home she knows? It's The Fifth Element meets Deadpool. You'll love this fast paced cyberpunk adventure because of the snark, the cool gadgets, and the edge of your seat excitement. Get it now!

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302 Pages - YA Humorous Fantasy

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