Keagan, #2 by FG Adams

Autographed by FG Adams!

A powerful storm brews between them… Keagan Fontneau gave up on life after returning wounded from his last tour of duty. Jocelyn Blackwood only exists to protect those who can’t help themselves. He left Lakeview on a mission. She ran from the haunting memories. He remembers her smile. She never forgot him. He’s in business with danger. She’s in the wrong place at the right time. He’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe. She’ll resist him at every turn. His nightmares won’t end. Her pain understands. He craves a future with her. She despises a past without those she loved. He wants her. She needs him. Thunder rumbles in his fractured soul. She believes lightning strikes only once … until him. Can her battered heart shelter him from the raging winds or will the tempest’s path of destruction shred their fragile bond?

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358 Pages - Military Romance 

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