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Journey to My Daughter by Jennifer Rose Asher

Autographed by Jennifer

"This book is my adoption story, but it is much more than that. It is also the story of how I discovered what is important in life and how I learned to trust the universe."

Journey to My Daughter is about becoming a mother. It details everything from author Jennifer Rose Asher’s decision to have a child, two miscarriages, a whirlwind trip to Vietnam, and how she eventually found her daughter. Along the way, Jennifer and her husband tried multiple approaches while looking for a child and would never have predicted how and where they would find her.

This memoir is also about self-discovery. It’s as much a tale about recognizing and following signs from the universe as it is a story about family. Along the way, Asher learns to release her driven, forceful nature just enough to allow herself to follow the tide of the journey, making her quest more peaceful and allowing her to achieve her goal of motherhood. Whether you’re a prospective adoptive parent, have experienced a miscarriage, or have no plans to have children at all, Journey to My Daughter will help you find solace, hope, and a few laughs along the way.

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262 Pages - Memoirs about Adoption

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