Jordan's Island by Patricia Costa Viglucci

Autographed by Patricia!

At the reading of her uncle’s will, Jordan Whitney fully expects to inherit three family restaurants as promised. The first inkling that something is awry is the arrival of her ex-husband , once characterized as “rudderless” and undeserving of her. But Linc Thorpe’s presence is nothing compared to the bombshell the lawyer then drops. To inherit the businesses, Jordan must reunite with him, the man her uncle encouraged her to divorce. If she doesn’t, the restaurants will be sold to the highest bidder and the money put in a trust fund. Jordan vows to fight the provision before learning the will is ironclad. Furthermore, she learns that Linc has built a rustic cabin in the St. Lawrence River’s Thousand Islands . He plans to spend the summer there, and as his bride (for the second time), Jordan will be expected to “rough it” along with him, a prospect that daunts her. Oh, yes, the stipulation also has a baby clause!

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290 Pages - Romantic Comedy

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