Into the Flames, #4 by Lisa B Kamps

Autographed by Lisa!

When desire burns too deeply... Done. Firefighter Dale Gannon is done. He's done with women, done with people, just done. Desperately trying to move on and let go of his guilt, Dale wants nothing more than to steer clear of all the crazy that plagues his world. He just craves a little time to process all that's happened in the past six months. But when he meets the feisty, free-spirited woman who moves in next door, she opens up a whole new world of crazy for him. Melanie Reeves sees the world differently than most. Giving color, vibrancy, and life to each moment, she displays it all on a canvas for everyone to view--and judge. But her obnoxious neighbor changes her perspective on everything. When she discovers the guilt that's destroying Dale, Melanie refuses to allow him to be engulfed in his own remorse. Now, it's up to her to pull him out of the flames of despair. But can a sassy artist rescue a courageous fireman without getting burned herself?

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332 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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