How to Keep Christmas Well by Donald W Catchings, JR.

Autographed by Donald!



 A redeeming mixture of old and new, How to Keep Christmas Well refreshes the oft trodden path of Scrooge from miser to mercy by gifting the reader a peek under Dickens’ renowned wrapping. Weighed down by the hustle and bustle of the modern Christmas season, it has become harder than ever to keep Christmas well. This, added to the tattering repetition of an old tale of redemption, has caused the jovial flavor of A Christmas Carol to lose its haunting spark. Catchings’ reflections and poetry dust off the original 1843 text and present it, with revived ghostliness, to the modern reader. Page by page, the reader is drawn back into the slippers of Scrooge so that they can, again for the first time, learn How to Keep Christmas Well.

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228 Pages - Not Romance / Christian Poetry

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