Hope Drowned, #1 by LB Carter

Autographed by LB Carter!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

The waters of chaos are rising. It's time to sink or swim.

Sirena hasn't spoken a word since the day she was found waterlogged on a riverbank. Her lips are sealed around the lone, horrific memory that remains. One of her holding her father underwater and saying goodbye with a life-ending kiss. Now, Sirena is treading water to fit in to a world in which she doesn't belong. When a bully begins tormenting her, she fears it's his life which is truly at stake.

Misreading the situation, mysterious new student, Norton, comes to Sirena's defense, as if she's the one that needs help navigating shark invested waters. He also seems far too interested in investigating her and that fateful car accident. Still, she finds herself drawn to the would-be hero.

When Sirena and Norton discover links between her past and his missing friend, they fear the worst. The murky waters of change are churning and threatening to reveal startling truths that could put Sirena's life under a microscope and Norton in the line of fire. Can he find a way to keep her safe against the vicious clouds rolling in? Or will all those antagonizing Sirena be caught in the raging storm of her fury?

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384 Pages - YA SCIFI

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