High Wire by Angela Biera

Autographed by Angela!

High Wire is the second book in a two book series. Sophie James is once again faced with the one person that could destroy her. Everyone did everything in their power to make sure she was safe, but he was smarter than that. She had been trying to find her way back to normal. Now she may never be normal again. She has suffered a loss of another kind. One that again could cause her to crumble. Can she come out of this alive? Will she ever be able to be happy? Liam Jackson has loved Sophie since the day he laid eyes on her. He saved her life and she finally realized that he was who she always loved. He stood by her side as she fought for her life. Now he has to sit back and watch her suffer another type of loss, one that affects him as well. Can they survive this loss and pain? Can they have a happily ever after?

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