Grinin Elli Tonu, #1 by EL James (Turkish Version)

Autographed by EL James!

**This book is NOT in English**

Ana Steele, a literary student, encounters an extremely attractive, intelligent and frustrating man when she goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Gray. Toy and the innocent Anaö are stunned by this desire for this man, and despite his mysterious nature, Gray, who cannot resist his beauty, intelligence and free spirit, accepts what he wants, but has conditions.
Ana, who is shocked by Gray's unusual erotic desires, but is excited, falls in hesitation. Despite his great success - he has multinational companies, immense wealth and a loving family - Gray is a man who has been captured in lust and ambitious to rule. While the couple sails in a daring and passionate physical relationship, Ana discovers Christian's dark secrets and her own hidden desires.

572 Pages

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