Good Intentions by Kathryn R Biel

Autographed by Kathryn!

Maggie Miller has had more than her fair share of bad men, bad luck, a tragic past, and would really like to buckle down start her new life in Boston as a pediatric physical therapist. But Ryan Milan, also starting his new life in Boston, is in the way of the low-key life that she has planned for herself.Ryan shows Maggie that, despite her misgivings, he loves her for her. Ryan and Maggie could have the perfect relationship—could—but tragedy pulls them apart after a fateful night, and a long-term separation leaves them at a cross-roads.Seven years later, Ryan finds Maggie, as well as the secrets she's been keeping all this time. Maggie's had to make some tough decisions, but everything she's done was always with good intentions. Can she still stay true to herself while finding true love?

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258 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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