Given to You, #3 by Carlie Sexton

Autographed by Carlie!

To give your heart is the ultimate gift—but when offered in desperation, it can be deadly… Two men obsessed with the same woman—twenty-four-year-old Kate Simmons. One is Neil Statton, a successful lawyer and Kate’s dream man. He’s smart, successful, and he’s going to marry her. Her perfect life is right around the corner… The other man is Roger Wilkins, Kate’s former apartment building manger. Not even close to being Kate’s first pick, he vows to make her his own—at any cost. Each man is determined to win his prize, but only one will come out alive… Despite Neil’s unwavering attempts to keep his soon-to-be fiancée happy and safe, Kate cannot escape Roger’s fixation and skill. With years of practice at being a ruthless serial killer, Roger will stop at nothing to be with the one woman he believes will save him from his inner torment. When Roger takes Kate, it’s a race for survival… The two men take aim at each other, unflinching in their need to protect Kate—leaving her exposed and vulnerable in the crossfire. With a serial killer holding Kate hostage, will Neil be too late to save the woman he loves? Or will he give up his own life to save her?

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310 Pages - Romantic Erotica

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