Girl on the Verge by Pintip Dunn

Autographed by Pintip!

In her small Kansas town, at her predominantly white school, Kanchana doesn't look like anyone else. But at home, her Thai grandmother chides her for being too westernized. Only through the clothing Kan designs in secret can she find a way to fuse both cultures into something distinctly her own.

When her mother agrees to provide a home for a teenage girl named Shelly, Kan sees a chance to prove herself useful. Making Shelly feel comfortable is easy at first her new friend is eager to please, embraces the family Thai traditions, and clearly looks up to Kan. Perhaps too much. Shelly seems to want everything Kanchana has, even the blond, blue-eyed boy she has a crush on. As Kan growing discomfort compels her to investigate Shelly past, she shocked to find how it much intersects with her own and just how far Shelly will go to belong.

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256 Pages - YA Romantic Mystery

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