Forever You're Mine, #4 by K Langston

Autographed by K Langston!

Cannon Jacobs has a past he wants to forget. The former Navy SEAL has seen his fair share of death and despair, and he would love nothing more than to escape the hell that tortures him. But no matter how hard he tries, Cannon has never been able to silence the angry demons inside of his head.

Cora Daniels life has never been pretty. Actually, it's been downright ugly at times. But when you come from the trailer park, and your mother reputation is nothing more than a stain on your name, it difficult to believe true happiness can be found. Yet, Cora lives with the hope that someday she'll find the love she deserves.

No one ever said love was easy, and Cora is about to find out just how hard it really is.

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250 Paper - Military Romance

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