Forever Claimed, #3 by Betty Shreffler

Autographed by Betty!

Captured by my enemy and held in his captivity, I have two choices; play his games to survive or die fighting. Surrendering my body or territory to him is not an option. Determined to outlast his manipulations, I utilize every advantage no matter how treacherous. Only my enemy holds the key piece of leverage necessary to break me down to my core, leaving me questioning every move I make. There’s one thread of hope and it lies with a man sworn to protect me, and a King devoted to loving me, but my enemy is determined to destroy the bonds we’ve created and he has the power to do it. If I survive his treachery, I’ll be returned to the arms of two men I love and that is where the most perilous stakes begin…which man will claim my heart as theirs.

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214 Pages - Fantasy Romance

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