Forever Changed, #1 by Kimberley Hatch

Autographed by Kimberley!

Life isn't turning out quite as Sadie Ellis had planned. Becoming a widow at 25 leaves her life in ruins and has her asking the question, is love worth it? With her life seemingly beyond repair she turns to her brother-in-law/best friend for help building a new life that is until she meets her handsome neighbor and his overly friendly German shepherd. Ben quickly becomes the foundation for which Sadie rebuilds her life, but can she handle it when he professes his love for her? Is her heart able to love again? Sadie must learn that it's okay to live after loss. That picking up the pieces left behind, and moving on doesn't mean loving Oliver any less. She is forced to ask herself, can forever ever really be forever?

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276 Pages - New Adult Romance

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