For Those We Love by Lisa Sorbe

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When twenty-four-year-old Lenny Vane receives news of her wealthy grandmother's death, her thoughts can't help but drift to the hefty inheritance she's about to receive. And with no other relatives around to share the estate with, she's confident that the security she's always longed for will finally be hers. Hopping a plane and trading in the warmth of southern California for the biting cold of Minnesota isn't ideal, but Lenny figures she'll attend her grandmother's funeral, claim her inheritance, and be back in Los Angeles like *snap* that.

Until she meets Ben Sloane, that is—a gorgeous but surly veterinarian who shared a mysterious relationship with her grandmother. One that costs Lenny half of her inheritance and forces her to stay in Lost Bay far longer than she ever anticipated.

Keeping her life in L.A. on hold is harder than she thought it would be. As the distance between her two worlds continues to grow, a line between the past and the present is drawn—one that Lenny isn't sure she has the strength to cross. Because Ben has a secret—one that shakes the moral foundation of everything Lenny knows to be true. And when she discovers it, she has to decide: What are we willing to do for those we love? And how much are we willing to forgive?

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345 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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