Flowers and Stone by Jan Sikes

Autographed by Jan!

A sizzling true love story! Darlina Flowers, raised in a strict religious home, is determined to explore and try everything that had forbidden by her mother and the church. She is attracted to the nightlife, live music and is learning to be a go-go dancer. Everything changes when Luke Stone walks through the door of The Faded Rose, a popular night spot in Abilene, Tx in 1970. He is a veteran musician. He's traveled the roads for more years than he can remember and he's burnt out. Darlina is a breath of fresh air and he is as drawn to her as she to him. He's made a lifetime of bad decisions, but this time he's determined to get it right. However, fate has dealt the cards and his past is swiftly catching up to him. More than anything, he wants to protect her. Their love blossoms and deepens with each passing day. But, can they survive Luke's past? Take a ride up and down the roads of Texas with Luke and Darlina. It could get a little a bumpy, so hold on.

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319 Pages - Contemporary Romance / Memoirs

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