Flirting with Love, #3 by Clara Stone

Autographed by Clara!

Sometimes, all love needs is a little hope and a prank.

Blake Voss didn’t just step onto the campus of Cranbrook Preparatory High, she exploded like a firecracker. Too bad school rivalries run deep, and the feisty Blake is on the opposing debate team.

Still, Hudson can’t deny he’s attracted. All he needs is the right opening—an opening his friend Hope provides when she conveniently pushes Hudson and Blake together. To get back at her, they decide to pull the ultimate prank: pretend to be in love. 

But Hudson isn’t pretending. He’ll do anything to be with Blake, even if it means risking his heart to protect her. Only, he’s not the one who sacrifices for their love. 

And in the wake of tragedy, Hudson’s left to wonder: is hope enough when love isn’t?

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230 Pages - New Adult Romance / Enemies to Lovers

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