Fine Tuned by Annmarie Boyle


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One football star. One overworked mom. One deal to secure both of their dreams.

Single mom Jessica McWilliams has spent her entire adult life uncertain and untethered. Until now. She’s crafted a two-step plan to ensure a stable future for her and her son. One, finish her degree—even if she is the oldest person in every class. Two, show her boss that she’s indispensable and ready to be promoted to her dream job. All she needs is grit, determination . . . and possibly a fairy godmother to sprinkle a few more hours in her day.

Nashville Knights star football player Mick Lanuola lives by a single rule: if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Hall-of-Fame well. That means finishing his career at the top of his game, growing his fledgling charity into a countrywide organization, and making sure his parents and sisters have all their needs met. Everything else can wait until after retirement.

But when a chance meeting leads to a viral photo, Jessica and Mick grudgingly accept an unconventional proposition. Seven weeks of faking a relationship seems a fair trade to get them each closer to their dreams. Until their just-for-the-media meetings turn into flirty dinner dates and chemistry-filled charity events. Making them wonder if they’re still playing a game or if all the rules have changed.

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178 Pages - Contemporary Romance / Fake Date Romance

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