Finding Our Forever, #2 by Andee Michelle

Autographed by Andee!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

A CYNICAL HEART… While watching his parents' marriage go up in smoke, Eli Harper's revolving door of one-night stands was the cure for his pain, and the antidote to keep him from giving away his heart. Too young to settle down and a bright future to look forward to, Eli enjoys every second of being a single guy. Until Sara. ...A HEART FULL OF LOVE Sara Calhoun had the childhood dreams were made of. Devoted parents with a forever kind of love, taught her that true love does exist. Sara's passion for her career leaves her little time to focus on anything else, and definitely not a relationship. Until Eli. What starts as casual quickly turns into something neither of them is prepared for. Instant chemistry. Insane attraction. Will they run from it, or will they let love define their forever?

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252 Pages - New Adult Romance

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