Finding My Way Home by Jeanette Muscella

Autographed by Jeanette!

Diane Miller had the perfect life, until one fateful day when a drunk driver struck her car. Upon awakening from surgery, Ethan Miller is horrified to discover that his wife had lost her memory because of the car accident. Diane struggles with her new reality. She has no memory of her husband, children, and family. She feels lost, frightened, and afraid to face a future with no past, and an uncertain future.
I am so afraid of everything, Ethan. How can I live my life with nothing to tie me to this earth! My life is a blank page, with no beginning, no middle, and a definite ending. I have a name with no history. I have a family with no connection. I have parents who can't accept the new me. It just too much for me. I can't take the stress of the unknown. I just want to die! 

How do you live your life without the memories that tie you to the love of your life, to the maternal love for your children? Diane husband, children, and family are strangers to her. Can Diane live without a past? Can her family cope with the fact she may never remember them?
For better or worse, in sickness and in health. These words mean something to Ethan, and through his unconditional love, Diane finds her way home.

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