Finding Edward, #3 by Suzanne Mckenna Link

Autographed by Suzanne!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

Will the search for his long-lost paternity lead Edward to his forever?

When Edward's beloved grandmother dies, she doesn't just leave behind money. His inheritance includes a father in Italy he never knew he had.

Now he's forced to navigate a country he doesn't know, using a language he doesn't speak, in search of a man who has no clue Edward even exists.

He's expecting disappointment, he's expecting anger, he's expecting pain. But what Edward isn't expecting is to stumble across the one woman to ever steal his heart ... the one woman he can never have.

Edward's past and future collide, leaving him more lost — and more alive than he's ever felt before.

An adventurous, wild ride through the beautiful Italian countryside.

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214 Pages - Multicultural Romantic Comedy


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