Find the Beautiful by Kahla Kiker

Autographed by Kahla!

Korbin Knight (Kori) has the perfect life. She has a high-paying high-profile career, a loving husband and three beautiful children. She thought she could manage everything in her life until the day she looks into the mirror and sees a stranger. Tormented by unexplainable unhappiness, her eyes are void of life and brim with unshed tears. Day after day Kori's resentment builds from the constant routine and family obligations that leave her drained of emotion. Feeling trapped and alone, she asks herself, “How did I get here? I hate the person I am becoming. Why do I feel this way?” Drowning in desperation to find a new perspective, she battles with her true feelings of wanting her life back and being a good wife and mother. Then one day her answers arrive… But on the verge of giving up her wonderful life, is Kori still willing to listen?

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258 pages - Not Romance / Family Fiction

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