Feels Like Home by Jennifer Van Wyk

Autographed by Jennifer!

Andy Simpson never expected to be raising his teenage twin sons alone. Then again, he also never expected to walk into his house and see his wife with another man. In their bed. Or that it wasn’t her first time. Bitterness threatened to wrap around his heart, darkening every part of his life. But a brightness he wasn’t even looking for entered their lives and wouldn’t let it take hold. Christine Jameson knew all about being a single parent. But she was holding a secret. A secret she wasn’t willing to allow anyone to find out. One she’d held tight for years. But one look at Andy, and she knew that she needed to be honest with him. That he de-served to know he wasn’t alone. They both needed friendship. Needed someone who understood, who had compassion without judgement. What they didn’t imagine was for it to become something more. That they would come to share something they never thought they would experience again. They didn’t expect for it to… Feel Like Home.

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362 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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