Face Off, #10 by Lisa B Kamps - Scratch & Dent

Autographed by Lisa!

**This book has minor marks and dents**

Ethan Kincaid is relaxed and laid back, a gentleman winger for the Baltimore Banners. His play on the ice--and off--is fast, furious, and unstoppable. He's never met a challenge he couldn't overcome--except when it comes to the one woman he really wants. Is he willing to risk the treasured friendship for one night of passion? Is it possible for passion to lead to something else?
Cindy Miller walked away from her studies in psychology and is now stumbling, trying to find herself. The one constant has been her unexpected friendship with Ethan, a friendship she doesn't want to lose. After seeing her best friend find true love, Cindy wants nothing less for herself. Can she find that with Ethan? Is it something the charming winger is even interested in?
One night changed the course of their lives, putting them on a path neither expected. Can they go back to what was? And will another night pull them closer together--or pull them apart for good?

192 Pages - Sports Romance

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