Fabricating Jada by Vanessa Marie

Autographed by Vanessa!

I need to get my motor running.Literally.All I want is to learn how to build engines,Cars, motorcycles--anything.You name it; I want to feel it rev in my hands.Fabricate it into something mine,Bend it to my will,Create what hasn't been built before.But nobody takes me seriously,And I'm no damsel in distress.I can and will get my hands dirty,Very dirty.And now, I have that chance,Working with Jesse Valentine,Top motorcycle and hot rod fabricator.But he's got a reputation for more,Much more.After all, he's nothing but a cocky,Overinflated jerk,And I'm just interested in mechanics,Cold, hard, machines.I was born to bend, build, create,And I won't change for anyone,Not even him.

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