Escape, #2 by JL Drake

Autographed by JL Drake!

We were back on a mission… It was an endless battle with the cartel, defusing bombs and trying to stay alive while we saved others. Ten years ago, I made the best and worst decision of my life. I joined the Army and left the love of life behind…Lexi. When I returned home years later, I was told she was dating the leader of a local gang, Almas Perdidas, and that she wanted nothing to do with me. After Lexi got a beating for not following the rules, I tried to remind her of what we once had, who we once were together. But she refused to listen. Little did I know she was carrying a secret of her own that would end in bloodshed. I needed to make a decision. Leave and continue my life as a solider or stay and fight for the woman I loved and help her escape.

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322 Pages

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