Enough by Dawn L Chiletz

Autographed by Dawn!

What is love, anyway?I’ve been searching for the answer to that question my whole life. My name is Everly and I’m a hot mess. My life has crumbled at my feet, leaving me alone with two kids and no job. It’s forced me to take a good hard look at who I’ve become and who I want to be. Just when I think my life couldn’t possibly get any more complicated, my first love walks back into my life. He’s not the same boy I remember, and I’m definitely not the girl he used to know. We were young and stupid the first time around, and I won’t allow myself to be hurt again by anyone, let alone the man who’s always had my heart. When my second chance is standing right in front of me, will I be able to see more than my broken reflection in his eyes?Will I ever be Enough?

A second-chance romance.

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388 Pages

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