Dylan, #1 by Karla Sorensen

Autographed by Karla!

When the new hot guy in town is your boss, you should probably leave him alone.

In theory, Kat Perry understands that. She's younger than him, she's a virgin, and she's only ever been the quirky girl, the friendly girl without any real friends. Until Dylan. He looks like a superhero and has the arms to match, but he befriends her, and that's too valuable for her to risk.

When you move across the country to jump-start your stalled life, you should probably leave your irresistible employee alone.

In theory, Dylan Steadman knows that. He's never crossed that line before, and he refuses to start with Kat. But she's the first woman to truly test his resolve, test the stubbornness that he's famous for.

Once they tap into the chemistry they've been fighting, they know they can't resist anymore. Keeping their relationship light and without strings is perfect. He says they'll stay friends. She knows she won't fall in love with him.

In theory, it's easy enough. In reality? Not so much.

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