Dr. Erotic #2 by Max Monroe

Autographed by Max Monroe!

Dr. Erotic. That what they've decided to call me, Scott Shepard, the head of St. Luke Hospital Emergency Department. Just thinking about it makes me smile. As the new face of the reality docuseries, The Doctor Is In, I plan to take his power and recognition right to the streets of New York City and into the pants of willing women. Well, that was my plan. Until her feisty, beautiful, and addictively sexy Harlow Paige. A gossip columnist that just loves writing about yours truly, she everything I thought I never wanted and then some. She drives me crazy. Problem is, she doesn't want to be anything when it comes to me not friends, not lovers, not even adversaries. God, I love a good challenge. Get ready, Harlow. Love is contagious.

Photo taken by the lovely:@sr_spicy_reads

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