Don't Kiss Me Goodbye! I'm Going With You by Patricia Costa Viglucci

Autographed by Patricia!

Author Patricia Costa Viglucci has been waiting some 35 years to use the title of her most recent book. “Don't Kiss Me Goodbye! I'm Going With You." That was the cry from their three-year-old daughter as Viglucci and her husband were about to run some errands. “And go she did,” said the author, “ everywhere and anywhere--along with her younger brother and sister when they came along—in part because our trio quickly exhausted the patience of most of the babysitters we knew, reducing some of them to tears.” The kids' antics, however, proved fertile material for their journalist mother. Retiring as reporter and TV critic for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle to raise their family, she began chronicling their doings in sundry newspaper columns including the Catholic Courier Journal where she used the pen name Sarah Child. All first-borns (two are adopted), the kids' energy, ingenuity and high jinks kept their parents on red alert. There was the neighborhood applesauce war (the applesauce still in the jars); showering the baby in her playpen with sand buckets of water from the bathroom; bringing in the garden hose to irrigate the “grassy” chartreuse living room carpet; and running away to hide behind the gravestones in an adjacent cemetery at dusk. Along with a sampling of columns written over the years, Viglucci also has reprinted some of her previously published magazine pieces along with a fictional Christmas story first published in the Rochester morning newspaper. Readers who enjoyed “Growing Up Italian: Stories From the Wilds of Pennsylvania,” can connect again with her kin in a section devoted to family recipes. Viglucci notes that in the clan's hierarchy of good cooks she resides on the “lowest rung”. 

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