Divided, #2 by Jaci Wheeler

Autographed by Jaci!

At just sixteen, Rosaline Thatcher is the leader of United America, but the country has dark secrets to conceal. After adjusting to her new presidential title, Roz slips into her role with gusto and works to make United America the best it can be. What she didn’t expect was to discover a secret compound, simply referred to as the O.C. The council refuses to provide answers, forcing her to take matters into her own hands. When she meets Dex, an unconventional but intriguing member of the O.C, a shocking revelation unfolds...Dex doesn’t hold an ounce of traditional charm. Covered in scars and wearing a permanent scowl, he shows glimpses of tenderness only toward his younger sister. But something about this mysterious stranger, draws Roz in like a moth to a flame. Will Rosaline stay in the O.C., where she is free of the pressures of presidential responsibilities? Or will she return to her position and take on the Council?

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223 Pages - YA Dystopian

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