Dissonance, #2 by Sarah Buhl

Autographed by Sarah!

Many questions wait to be answered... We cling to what we have always known. Lives, histories, beliefs—all make each of us who we are. Our beliefs define us. But what if we cling to something so tightly we fail to see the truth? What if letting go of those beliefs meant truly loving and finding what it means to be alive? Blake Lawson has a knight complex. He also believes he failed at it. His friend lived a life of turmoil and he was unable to shield him from it. Blake is a friend to everyone, but only giving just enough—because he hasn’t met someone worth risking failure for. Brecken McNett does not believe in happily ever after. She has lived her life depending only on herself, because she is the only person that knows what she needs. She doesn’t believe in screw ups. Brecken has seen too much failure and broken promises to believe in anything other than living fully day by day. This is the story of two people finding answers—together.

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350 Pages

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