Destroy Me, #2 by KD Carrillo

Autographed by KD Carrillo!

Kate Kennedy guards her secret from all who know her… Independent and cunning, she traverses through her life one day at a time. Keeping to herself and living her life on her own, just the way she likes it. However, one man is intrigued by her mysterious ways, despite her attempts to keep everyone at arm’s length. Reed Martin struggles with the circumstance of his past on a daily basis… His nights are full of terror and haunting memories. He’s a man looking for his purpose outside of the tragedy that curses his mind, and he thinks he may have found it in a reserved and mysterious blonde. Can they rescue each other from everything that threatens to destroy them both? Demons can only hide for so long. Pasts can haunt. Secrets can destroy.

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338 Pages - New Adult Mystery Romance

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