Designing the Love, #5 & Working on Love, #6 by Crystal Perkins

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Designing the Love, #5 -

The boy she loved has now become the man she despises...

Fashion designer Quinn Daniels has been in love with tattoo artist Zane Wilson for over half her life. When they were younger he only had eyes for one girl, and it wasn't her. But for the last seven years he's been hers, and it's been perfect. Two months ago that all changed. His girl from the past showed up, and he left with her. Now he's back, and wants another chance, but trusting him almost destroyed her once. She's not ready to make the same mistake again.

His heart's been broken, and only one woman can put it back together again...

Zane Wilson loves Quinn Daniels more than life itself. Yeah he was a stupid teenager, and thought he was in love with the wrong girl, but that all changed seven years ago. He let Quinn go once so she could pursue her dreams, and again when he thought he was doing the right thing. But he's done making mistakes, and letting his past interfere with the present and future he wants with her. Now he just needs to convince her that she's the only woman he's ever truly loved, and that he's never going to leave her again.

A secret heartache could break them up for good—or make them stronger than ever...

Just when it looks like they may have a second chance at love, the other woman comes to town again, and this time she's not alone. Zane's going to need help this time, because it's not just Quinn he's fighting for. Can she help him heal while still protecting herself?

111 Pages - New Adult Romance

Working on Love, #6 -

She gave up on love, and it may cost her everything...

Alex Griffin had her heart broken when she was younger, and she’s never recovered. Settling for the nice guy she met at a show seemed like a good idea at the time. Until he started blackmailing her with the sex tape he secretly filmed of their first time together. It’s not money he wants, it’s her submission to him in ways that scare her. She’s held him off, but she knows that’s it’s only a matter of time before she’ll have to give in—or embarrass her family. To top it all off, Miles Corrigan has come back into her life, and proves that he hates her just as much now as he did six years ago. At least she has a job she loves, and new friends who care about her, but will they be enough to keep both her body, and her heart, safe?

He walked away from the girl he loved, and stopped caring about everything...

Miles Corrigan was in love once, and honestly, he still is. He couldn’t have the girl he wanted then, and after he’s slept his way across the country, she wouldn’t want him now. He’s already given up his dream, and his dream girl, so there’s no point in changing. Until he learns that Alex Griffin is in trouble. He’ll risk everything to keep her safe, even if it means revealing that he’s in love with her. And that he stopped being her friend because he never thought they could be together. He’s done fighting his feelings, and decides to let himself be happy for once in his life. But he didn’t keep his biggest enemy close enough, and he’s not the only one who’s paying for that mistake.

An enemy neither one of them saw coming will try to destroy them both...

Finding out just how twisted people can be, Miles shuts Alex out once again. They’ve gotten past her overprotective uncles, and the unsettling presence of his ex-lovers, but he can’t accept the fact that she’s suffered because of him. After the truth is revealed to her, Alex will pull out all the stops in order to show him that he’s more than worthy of the love she feels for him. Will it be enough for Miles to forgive himself, and accept that love, or will he go back to his old ways?

245 Pages - New Adult Romance

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