Deciding Tomorrow, #3 by Renee Ericson

Autographed by Renee!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

What if a love, once lost, came around for a second chance? After a fated meeting with the one person who captured her heart many years ago, Ruby Miller is taking a leap of faith, right into the arms of her past. Four years have gone by since the tragedy that tore Ruby and Brent apart, setting them on different paths, battered and searching. Now, this couple divided by time and distance will have to fight for their love to survive in the present, as they try to deal with their past and the decisions that made them who they are today. Is their love worth it? The same love they gave up on once before? Can they put everything aside to see what's left of what they once shared? Following their hearts, their minds, and Deciding Tomorrow.

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378 Pages - Sports Romance

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